Uncovering the night, talk to me you might.
Laser look.

Into my eyes,
Let‘s fall in love tonight.

What Happens In The Grotto, Stays In The Grotto... (To get lost in the woods in the outskirts of Las Vegas) Antwerp, collection 2009

This collection takes place in the deep woods: a weird and enchanted place where birds and beasts come alive. Men and women are hidden behind long veils, wandering through the woods and collecting treasures for their crowns. Nature take s back its original life: invading the garments with growing claws, wooden spine bones and dirt.

Through long lasting laser-like beams they gaze into each others eyes and say
„I love you“.

Materials used:

Wood, silk, wool, feathers, branches, beads, fake fur, coton, crystals, lycra, threads...


Photo: Maya Rochat and Sophie Brasey
Model: Evelien Bosmans and Maarten Ketels
Special thanks to Pieter for the crowns and claws!