Bodybuilder Bruce Print
Watercolour, 2010

Catch a Fish,
Mixed media on paper
29,7 x 42 cm

Once in your life, you catch a big fish.
This fish has blonde hair and you name it Chelsea.
It's a woman fish,

she (or it) has big lips and shiny skin.
You put it in a bowl and you become friends.
Until you realize she's going to eat you up,

You name it.

She's gonna eat you up.

Keep Your Eye On The Doughnut

Antwerp, 2010

Twelve Venuses of the deep blue, walking on water.

Their dresses, blowing in the salty ocean wind,
depicting swirling sharks, octopusses, golden
chains and superheroes. They daydream about over-tanned bodybuilders,
«The Perfect Man», they say.

Sand and seaweed are invading the garments.
On their heads, they carry the trophy crown
of a shell or a crab.

Meet the Queen.

Fabrics used

Silk, latex, sand, pearls, golden chains,
wool, seaweed clippings, plastic, shells,
lycra, coton, plexiglas.


Photo by Valentina Vos
Make-up and hair: Annelien Debusschere and Katleen De Mulder
Model: Sara Lucassen at Dominique